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About Us
Since 2016, No Survivors Pest Control Company has been providing industry-leading and innovative pest control treatments. We are fully licensed as pest control contractor by the state of New  York Department of Conservation (#16144); our entire team is insured and bonded to be able to offer our customers peace of mind as we go about our business. Our team has over twenty years of experience providing pest control.

We use materials, chemicals and methods that are at the top of the industry, while ensuring that they are safe and environmentally       friendly for our valued customers and their family/pets. We work hard to provide a level of service that our customers feel proud of, proud enough to tell their friends, family neighbors and know  that they also will be taken care of in the same manner. Moreover, our prices are fair. We offer our senior customers and students discounts.

We accept cash,checks and all major credit cards. However, we prefer checks.